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“Open Everything”

Back in November, I went to Open Everything, in the Roundhouse. It was the day after the US elections, and there was a slight sense of euphoria in the air.

I went out of interest in things “open” and collaboration generally, but also specifically because I had hoped to hear Charles Leadbetter at a conference in September, which I had to pull out of; since I was in the south of England anyhow, when I saw he was speaking, I took the opportunity of going along.

The meeting took place in the bowels of the Roundhouse, a former railway engine turntable shed – right in the centre. There was no natural light, and circular corridors ran around the building – it was easy to get lost (although, let’s face it, all you had to do was keep walking and you got back to where you started!).
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Net Impact in Edinburgh

I have joined the newly-formed Edinburgh chapter of Net Impact.

The inaugural meeting took place in Edinburgh during the autumn. I hadn’t heard of Net Impact before, but the blurb sounded interesting – using business to make a positive impact on society.

Jim Schorr, one of the co-founders of Net Impact, was in Edinburgh for a conference, and he told us a bit about the organisation – where it came from, why it was formed, what it does.
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