About Patrick Hadfield

Patrick Hadfield

I am a freelance consultant living in Edinburgh, UK, working in business and process change management and programme management. In the past I have worked in management development and training, areas I remain interested in.

Here, I want to discuss some of the topics that interest me in my professional life, which I imagine will span whatever occurs to me. I intend to use it to document talks and lectures I have been to, blog posts I have seen, things I have learnt and subjects which interest me.

I have worked as an internal and external consultant for many years, managing large projects and programmes in both the public and private sectors.

I have a fascination for understanding how organisations, systems and processes work – and how people work within them.

I have a PhD, an MBA and I am a chartered accountant (though I haven’t practiced as an accountant for some years).

I have a deep curiosity in the world, with a passion for many forms of music – particularly jazz – art, and modern dance, which I write about on On the Beat.

I am an avid photographer, and you can see my photographs on my photography blog and flickr.

To contact me, leave a comment here and I will get back to you.

You can also find me on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “About Patrick Hadfield

  1. Tom

    Hi Patrick,
    I saw a comment you left on another website regarding difficulties attempting to have your business mail redirected. I’m having the same problem (as I’m the sole director of a limited company) and was interested to know whether you found a way around the problem.

    1. patrickhadfield Post author

      Hi Tom,

      There wasn’t a way around the problem! The Royal Mail’s system was so rigid that it wouldn’t move.

      I sent change of address forms to all the key addresses – mainly HMRC departments.

      Any mail sent with me as the addressee was redirected under my personal redirection, whether addressed to me at the company or me directly.

  2. Brian Soundy

    5 January 2011
    Dear Patrick
    With my colleague Digby Fairweather I have been directed to your site by Bridget McKenzie of Flow Associates who have recently been collaborating with Britain’s National Jazz Archive in Loughton, Essex.
    For the past year I have been director of UK Jazz Radio; an internet-based presenter-led all-jazz station which currently (after more modest beginnings in October 2009) attracts a listenership of 1.3 million worldwide including a UK audience of 485,000.
    If you would like to check my website you can find it at ukjazzradio.com
    With my colleagues I feel that this is a vital and overdue cultural extension to our British jazz scene and – as of March – we are also moving into limited TV streaming on the Internet.
    Consequently we feel aware of the need to both extend and formalize our activities in some areas, and Bridget has told us of your interest in jazz and also of your gifts in the areas of business administration and related issues. I would be very pleased to hear from you, should you feel inclined, to discuss our project further and the possible extension of its activities
    I hope to hear from you.
    Kind regards,
    Brian Soundy (Director:UK Jazz Radio)

  3. Prof. M V Flinders

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog about my ‘Defending Politics’ book and talk. This is just a note to say thanks for giving it a fair airing on your site.
    Very best
    Matt Flinders


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