Community and Co-operation: talking about #Tuttle

Saturday saw me hunkered down in the bunker that is Centre for Creative Collaboration with a bunch of like-minded folk for what Lloyd called “TuttleCamp”. This was a small, unstructured (in the BarCamp style) gathering to talk about organisation and issues of Tuttle Club. I’ve written about Tuttle before; essentially it is a Friday morning […]

TEDxTuttle2: Son of TEDxTuttle…

With a shock I realise that it is two weeks since TEDxTuttle2 at Cass Business School; and that I meant to write about it after the event. I shall do so now, then; if my thoughts had any currency then, they should still. I went to the first TEDxTuttle in September and was very enthused […]

Getting to Grips with Culture: Tuttle collaborating with Counterpoint at the British Council

A couple of weeks ago saw the culmination of the work people from Tuttle have been doing with Counterpoint, the think tank of the British Council, to celebrate the British Council’s 75th anniversary. There was a morning spent in the ICA participating in the outputs – through engaging conversations, creative videos and in-depth discussions. There […]

The Future Now: two talks at TEDxTuttle

At last week’s TEDxTuttle, there were two talks, one after the other, about future technology now. One was by P.W. Singer on the future of robotics in warfare. It was fascinating but also disturbing: it showed that a lot of weaponry now uses robotics devices, often controlled from bunkers thousands of miles away by people […]

Today at Tuttle – particularly on internet identity.

It was another very interesting morning at Tuttle today. It was a game of two half – an outdoor ideas-kickaround followed by the more usual indoor tournament, with the scheduled downpour marking half-time. I’ve written about Tuttle before. I find it an exciting space, but also quite challenging and tiring: it is full of interesting […]

Things I talked about at Tuttle last week

I have written about Tuttle recently. I was there again last Friday, and whilst I spoke with few people, I was once more amazed and pleased at the breadth of topics people were discussing. So, mostly as an aide memoire for me rather than a full blown blogpost, I wanted to keep track of the […]

What I like about Tuttle. (And one thing I don’t…)

I spent the morning at Tuttle, weekly offline get together which started out as an extension of online discussions. I have been going to Tuttle since February, and regularly for the last six weeks or so. It is a bit like a cross between a BarCamp and a networking event – there are no presentations, […]