The Future. Now…

I went to the London Bloggers meetup the other day, which had a panel scheduled to talk about the future of blogging – of much interest to everyone gathered there. It was a good evening – thanks due to Fishburn Hedges for hosting (and the excellent confectionary-based goodie-bags!) and the collective conversation of the meetup […]

Creativity and Collaboration: exploring C4CC

I once had a conversation with Brian Condon, one of the people behind the Centre for Creative Collaboration, where I asked (more or less) “what do you mean by ‘creative’? What do you mean by ‘collaboration’?” [I must have felt I knew what ‘centre’ meant…] Brian neatly sidestepped my question by telling how he’d had […]

Trying to value “social capital”…

Last month, Lloyd Davis gave two performances at the Centre for Creative Collaboration, telling stories from his recent trip – sorry, social art project to the States, “Please Look After this Englishman”. Today, he set off on his next project: an unplanned, working journey around the UK, led by the contacts, leads and ideas generated […]

An evening with TEDxOrenda…

Last week, I went to TEDxOrdenda – an evening of talks sanctioned (but not organised) by TED. I’ve been to a couple of TEDx events before, and I’ve watched lots of TEDtalks. TEDxOrenda was organised by Drew Buddie (Digital Maverick on Twitter), who did a sterling job; it was associated with BETT – “the biggest […]

TEDxTuttle2: Son of TEDxTuttle…

With a shock I realise that it is two weeks since TEDxTuttle2 at Cass Business School; and that I meant to write about it after the event. I shall do so now, then; if my thoughts had any currency then, they should still. I went to the first TEDxTuttle in September and was very enthused […]

Getting to Grips with Culture: Tuttle collaborating with Counterpoint at the British Council

A couple of weeks ago saw the culmination of the work people from Tuttle have been doing with Counterpoint, the think tank of the British Council, to celebrate the British Council’s 75th anniversary. There was a morning spent in the ICA participating in the outputs – through engaging conversations, creative videos and in-depth discussions. There […]

A Different Way of Working

A couple of weeks ago, I took part in a business experiment. Building on the experience of Tuttle, Lloyd Davis has been putting together a consultancy offering; this worked like an open source programme, really – transfer the conversations we have at Tuttle to a productive, business-lead discussion: bring what you can. The first outing […]