Business continuity and social media

I had a very brief chat with Joanne Jacobs on Friday and she mentioned an idea that I thought was so good that I had to blog about it; but I didn’t want to steal her idea, either. Fortunately, she has written her own blog post about using social media for business continuity and crisis management so now I can discuss her post with a clear conscience!

Business continuity is a big issue for businesses: large firms can spend a lot of money running multiple systems to protect themselves; smaller businesses can be devastated. But according to the Chartered Management Institute’s latest survey on business continuity management, just over half of all businesses (and only 25% of small businesses) surveyed have plans to cope with a threat to continuity.

Joanne’s suggestion is that social media provide a way for organisations to cope with a wide range of crises, by enabling them to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Coupled with utilisation of the cloud to store documents, this seems like a simple model to develop; and because many of the resources are freely available to any internet user, small organisations that may not have resources to pay for bespoke business continuity systems can probably design processes that would work for them.

It seemed like such a great idea that I just had to share it!


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