All A Twitter

For months, people I know have been talking about Twitter; indeed, once can’t move around the internet without seeing people’s tweets, the one-line updates that have captivated the internet.

The term microblogging has been used to explain Twitter, and I’ll admit I didn’t get it.

A lot of the people talking about it said that you won’t get it until you try it – sounding like the dark pushers of the internet (and twitter certainly does sound addictive). This I found very unsatisfying – the inability to explain how it would enrich my life, already busy with online-chatter and a variety of social networking opportunities.

Yesterday I was at Tuttle Club – a real-life social networking informal group, whose interests include online networking, and of course lots of people were talking about Twitter. Many of them provided some very sound reaons for trying Twitter out – extending one’s network of contacts, providing quick access to a wide-range of knowledge and resources, and – potentially important for a freelance – a way of making new business connections, too.

So I finally decided to set up a Twitter account. You can find me here, should you want to. And if I find it works for me, I’ll come back and let you all know!


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